Should I buy a fastpitch softball bat with or without warranty?


I want to buy a new softball bat and I play fastpitch softball- high school level. I’m planning on joining a league as well. Should I buy a bat with warranty or without warranty? If it’s WITHOUT warranty, then its $ 30 cheaper. If I buy it WITH warranty, then it’s $ 30 more expensive. The warranty is 400 days and I want to buy an Easton Fastpitch Bat. It has a light weight aluminum shell with a composite inner tube.




If I were yu I would buy it without warranty because I doubt yu will break it or anythng. Jus dnt use it at the batting cages only in games and BP

Bryan H

Go with the warranty because even the best bats can break – My daughter plays HS softball, and I know 2 girls on her teams who were glad they had warranties because they cracked bats that they paid $ 250-$ 300.

Here’s an idea how you could save money and get the warranty…
I bought my daughter a new bat 3 weeks ago from and used a discount code from – I saved $ 15 on a $ 299 bat with the warranty. It’s the third bat I’ve bought from them for my two daughters, all were good transactions.

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