How to get baseball marks off my softball bat?


I use my softball bat because its lighter and im trying to work on my contact and bat speed. I have just beeen hitting baseballs off my softball bat and if you look at my bat its went from blue to white because the baseball have left so many marks on my bat, is there any way to get them off, i don’t want to go buy a new bat tthe one i have is pretty expensive.




I assume it’s a wooden bat… Buy some sand paper and sand it till it’s smooth.
Do it at your own risk
Have fun


1.Never hit baseballs with a softball bat they are not made for that,Baseball are a lot harder then softballs so the chance of denting and cracking your expensive bat should be your biggest worry other then the marks.


try an alcohol pad


Go to your grocery store and find Soft Scrub in the Cleaning dept. This will take the marks off of your bat. Then, hit softball with it,


It’s fine to hit baseballs with softball bats, both baseball and softball bats are made out of aviation grade aluminum. The best way I found was to get a good metal cleaner and a strong cloth and use some ‘elbow grease’. Not only will you clean-up your bats, but you will also improve your hand and forearm strength.

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